Covenants/Restrictions protect and perpetuate the quality of our community.  These covenants/restrictions are designed to maintain and uphold the natural beauty of our surroundings and protect the aesthetic integrity of our community for generations to come.
The Bridgeview Subdivision is a Deed Restricted Community.  Ongoing development of Bridgeview is guided by legally biding covenants and standards which protect the aesthetic integrity of the community for generations to come.  Additional modifications to residential properties must be in compliance with these guidelines, thus assuring continuation of good design, maintenance of property values and preservation of the natural environment.

The Architectural Committee facilitates covenant protections.
The Architectural Committee is composed of the officers of the Board and three additional Committee Members. Committee members serve in a volunteer capacity and represent the residents in assuring the evaluation and approval process.  The committee meets to review property owners’ applications for modifications or additions to their property.  The committee also evaluates violations of established standards and seeks constructive resolution of these matters.

Architectural Committee approval of a project is required.
The Bridgeview Subdivision Deed Restrictions require that all changes and improvements to a property must be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Committee.  Completed application forms will be reviewed by the committee and then be approved, approved conditionally with modifications, or disapproved.  Once written notification of approval has been received, the project may begin.  Application forms may be obtained from the chairman of the Architectural Committee.  The Committee must respond to the applicant within 30 days of receipt of the completed application.


All property must be maintained in satisfactory condition.

All property is restricted to single-family residential use only.

No residential structure shall be placed on a residential tract  (in Section 1, Block 1, Lots 16-54 (lakefront), in said subdivision unless it’s living area has a minimum of 1200 square feet of living space (exclusive of porches and garages).  No residential structure shall be placed on a residential tract in Section 1 of said subdivision (not including lakefront lots herein stated) unless its living area has a minimum of 1000 square feet of floor area (exclusive of porches and garages).  All residences are to front on the street on which such tract faces with exception of lakefront tracts.

Minimum setbacks are 20 feet from the front of the property line and 5 feet on each side of the property line.

All fence projects must be approved by the Architectural Committee.

Natural drainage of streets, lots or roadway ditches shall not be impaired by any construction.

No “metal-clad” buildings of any type shall be placed or constructed on any lot.