Bridgeview Subdivision’s graded roads, lots and bulkheads were completed in 1984 by U.S. Land Development Co. headed by Mr. Herbert Vestal. 

The bulkhead contractor was Shirley Construction Co., Inc. out of La Porte, TX.  Mr. Shirley issued a guarantee of one year on materials and workmanship to U. S. Land Development Co. on January 28, 1985 for the bulkhead.

U.S. Land began selling lots in Bridgeview in the spring of 1985.  At that time U.S. Land established an Architectural committee of three individuals who were employees of U.S. Land.  They served in this capacity until the F.D.I.C. foreclosed on the subdivision loan and the Savings and Loan Co. that held the loan.

Bridgeview Under Construction in 1984  -  Click Picture to Enlarge

The individual property owners at the time held a meeting and elected replacement members of the Architectural Committee. During the time that the F.D.I.C. (R.T.C.) had control of the unsold lots in the subdivision, very little activity occurred in construction and no lots were sold.

The roads became almost unusable due to the lack of money for repairs.  The R.T.C. paid no maintenance fees and there were a very limited number of individual owners.  At this time some of the property owners contributed an additional $200.00 per lot above the maintenance fees to purchase road base material for the roads just so the roads would be useable.

Mr. Harry Rahim purchased the bulk of the lots from the R.T.C. at an auction held in Oct. 1992.  As a result of this sale the P.O.A. collected the past due fees from the R.T.C.  With these funds the P.O.A. obtained an excellent all weather asphalt road from the entrance of the subdivision to the first major intersection and from there a very stable base around the loop.  This road construction met Polk County specifications and the roads were accepted by the County.  An additional $4,000 was used to upgrade the back roads (Bridgepoint and Bridgecrossing) at a later date and these were accepted by Polk County.  Maintenance fees from property owners were used to continue the upgrading of roads until all roads are all weather roads.

The entrance sign and general maintenance have also come from P.O.A. maintenance fees. We will continue to upgrade and improve our Subdivision as funds become available. 

Thank you to Frank Davis for compiling the above information.